Wi-Fi and DAS

Some things, you can never GET ENOUGH of…


Determining the appropriate cabling architecture is fundamental to the quality, effectiveness and speed of your communications. From strategic placement of the data center and telecommunications rooms (TRs) to the mapping of the distribution methods for routers, servers, switches and data types; planning is critical.

DON’T DO IT ALONE. It is complex, challenging and best left to the experts at Technology Management Corporation (TMC). With over 25 years of experience, we can anticipate and prepare a solid plan.

Services Include:

      • Wi-Fi Layout (802.11, a, b, g, n and 802.11ac)
          • Implementation of a Distributed Antenna System

The 4 Phase process we utilize is outlined below:

Phase 1: Needs Analysis

      • Visually inspect and identify Wi-Fi design layout if an existing network
      • Document data system connectivity requirements for multiple systems such as voice, data, video, security, building automation systems, and other IP devices
      • Identify and examine protection equipment to meet lightning activity and power plant reliability
      • Discuss and investigate trouble history
          • Establish networking requirements, expectations, budgets and long term objectives

Phase 2: Request for Proposal

      • Determine distances and terminations
      • Customize RFP including plans and specification development
      • Determine appropriate vendors
          • Facilitate vendor understanding of needs

Phase 3: Analysis and Award

      • Complete plans and specifications and incorporate into Request for Proposal or appropriate bidding format depending on public or private bidding scenario
      • Oversee the bidding process including addendums or adjustments and clarifications
      • Analyze RFP responses and recommend award or begin final negotiation
      • Negotiate contracts, prices, terms, warranties and service support
          • Review performance guarantees

Phase 4: Implementation

      • Facilitate vendor/client meetings to implement plan, responsibilities and timelines
      • Manage project to oversee and verify compliance
      • Ensure vendors accountability on all deliverables
      • Monitor conversion, troubleshooting and design changes/change orders
      • Ensure vendor delivers complete and accurate documentation
          • Oversee performance testing

Contact us at Technology Management to be sure you have the top of the line Wi-Fi system and/or DAS to support your technology needs.