Wide Area Network (WAN)

If it’s too good to be true. IT IS.

Never accept a plan on its face value, understand what lurks beneath the surface.

Technology Management has an in depth working knowledge of every major carrier and their network architecture. As independent consultants, we don’t represent or have a vested interest in any specific products or services. We are under non-disclosure agreements with all major carriers which allows us to know of upcoming solutions/ enhancements and network upgrades. This depth of working knowledge alone can save you hundreds of hours of research and decrease project timelines.

When evaluating the adequacy of your current wide area network (WAN) and how it will meet your future needs, we take many factors into account: growth, service level agreements, value vs. costs, technology platform options, future capacity trends, client control over bandwidth and maintenance to name a few. Technology Management performs benchmarking, audits and needs assessment to accurately determine what network design is correct for your company.

At TMC, we comprehensively analyze your company’s usage and bandwidth requirements; then design and recommend a fully-customized network solution at a cost-efficient price. We consider outside plant delivery: copper or fiber; Ethernet or TDMA handoffs and route diversity.

This process is part of our four-phase approach. When we prepare a Request for Proposal we clearly identify the parameters and specifications to ensure the proposed pricing solutions received will be “apples to apples”. Our broad knowledge of available vendor products, adherence to standards, peering arrangements, network latency and business continuity enables us to customize and negotiate solutions to meet your needs for both voice and data.

Upon evaluating the proposals we consider the impact of ongoing, install and conversion costs.

There are 3 main areas which our 4 Phase Methodology addresses: Cost, technological capabilities and service/support.

Phase 1: Benchmark/Needs Analysis

      · Baseline current services and future needs
      · Financial objectives and impact of bandwidth
      · Review of off-site/Colo/Cloud/Hosted options
          · Interim recommendations

Phase 2: Request for Proposal

      · Compile identified requirements
      · Customize RFP
      · Determine appropriate vendors
           · Facilitate vendor understanding of needs

Phase 3: Vendor Responses Analysis

      · Review all bids for compliance
      · Clarify ambiguities
      · Conduct competitive analysis
      · Spreadsheet immediate and long-term financials
          · Negotiate bottom-line prices

Phase 4: Network Implementation

      · Customize legal contracts
      · Facilitate vendor/client meetings to implement conversion plan, responsibilities and timelines
      · Coordinate network and equipment vendors
      · Ensure vendors are accountable on all deliverables
      · Monitor conversion, troubleshooting and design changes
          · Terminate unnecessary network, equipment and financial obligations

Once our process is completed, we follow through to make sure you get what you paid for and that it is truly working for you. Contact us at Technology Management to optimize your wide area network.