CCTV and Access Control

Access Control and Video Surveillance.

Secure Your Facilities Easily and Safely.

Now, more than ever, organizations are concerned about security. Threats ranging from global terrorism to workplace violence have forced companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security programs. Expert security consultants can provide invaluable guidance in making the right plans to keep your property and people secure. Technology Management Corporation (TMC)’s team of security consultant experts offer clients advice to prevent, plan for, and respond appropriately to the many security risks and threats they face. Our team offers a full spectrum of security consulting services, from physical security assessments, to policy development and systems design. We can assist clients ranging from government facilities, sports venues, a small company or a Fortune 500 Corporation design their security program to protect their assets, employees, and visitors.

Our physical security consulting team is well trained, highly credentialed, and have in-depth experience in a wide variety of critical infrastructures. Our consultants use a variety of security best practices and standards to determine mitigations to threats and vulnerabilities based on probability and impact. Our security professionals work with you to develop or update your physical security plans, beginning with stakeholder-based needs analysis, site surveys, and physical security risk assessments–resulting in a comprehensive, actionable and defendable security strategy.

We also provide integrated physical and electronic security systems engineering and design. If you need help planning or deciding on a new system, or you are not getting the results you had hoped for from your current physical security systems, TMC’s technology consultants have the experience and expertise to help. We can help you find more value in your current system or navigate the intricacies of designing, purchasing, and implementing a new physical security system that offers you the right mix of reactive and proactive protection. TMC is ready to help you meet your security needs.

Consulting Services

      • Security Planning and Gap Analysis
      • Program Analysis and Recommendations
      • Vulnerability/Risk Assessments
      • Security Policy Creation
      • Definition for New Construction and Renovation Projects
          • Relocation Evaluations

Design/Engineering Services

      • Access Control System Design
      • Door Hardware Schedule Coordination
      • Video Surveillance System Design
      • Network Integration Design and Planning
      • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems Design
      • Mass Notification Systems Specification
      • Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) Planning and Design
          • Fencing/Gate/Barrier Planning

End result is an integrated system that is responsive to the ever evolving requirements of your organization