Relocation and New Facility

You are in charge of all the firm’s technology, and now you find out YOU’RE MOVING.

Where on earth do you start?

With all that you have to plan in a move nothing can be as overlooked, underestimated, overwhelming or critical than your communications. There’s no room for errors and excuses when the entire company is depending upon connectivity to other corporate locations, clients and vendors. All the bases must be covered with a solid transition plan in place.

Logistics can be a nightmare whether you’re building a new facility or remodeling an existing one. For more than 25 years the experts at Technology Management have been planning and facilitating communication systems for corporate relocations. We think of the details you probably never would have considered and we make sure the process runs smooth so you can concentrate on other department details of the move.

Here is just a sampling of issues we consider in the relocation or new facility process:

      • Evaluation of technology conditions which effect decisions for new or existing buildings
      • Evaluate cabling infrastructure requirements
      • Maximize data center layout
      • Data center relocation planning
      • Purchase new technology equipment or relocate existing
      • Recommend electrical requirements for Telecommunication rooms (TRs) and data center
      • Power conditioning and backup requirements and recommendations
      • Fiber availability and scheduled install dates
      • Prioritizing of system transitions
      • Phased move vs. hot cut/flash cut implications
      • Voice traffic engineering
      • Intercom, public address and paging
      • CCTV and access control
      • Wireless and Wi-Fi technologies
      • Consideration of A/V and educational TV
      • Facility shortages and scheduled move dates
      • Re-evaluate contracts which will be effected
      • Interim service design and orders
      • Disaster recovery and contingency planning
      • New number assignments for printed materials
      • Number assignment guarantees, directory listings and social media updates
      • Planned rollout of numbers and notices
      • Call forwards cost management
      • Management of vendor overtime
      • Management of change orders and field orders
      • Disconnect orders on all circuits
      • Coordination with architects and engineers
      • Staff training on new technology
      • Set up help desk for employee inquiries
          • Business continuity planning

It’s easy to completely underestimate the time and scope or intensity of a facility relocation. The significance and complexity of the technology issues require specialized expertise.

Contact us at Technology Management to take the stress out of your corporate relocation and have a smooth transition to your new facility.