Data Centers/Local Area Network (LAN)


The true definition of Mission Critical is evident in your Data Center Design. An ill-conceived design can result in costly downtime, unwanted chaos and inefficient use of resources. We provide expertise throughout all phases of your Data Center project, assisting your team in program and budget development, site selection, facilities planning and communications engineering.

Selecting the most appropriate site is critical to any Mission Critical facility. Network vendor selection, fiber routes, and LEC/CLEC capacity all impact start-up and operational costs and efficiencies. TMC has extensive knowledge and experience evaluating and negotiating these required elements to ensure your facility has state-of-the-art services provided to it.

TMC develops a design program that incorporates appropriate levels of system reliability. Usually, this means there is no room for error or tolerance for downtime regardless of the situation- peak loads, natural disasters, utility interruptions, maintenance, upgrades, or human error. Technology Management Corporation can assist you in evaluating appropriate levels of risk and the costs involved in mitigating them.

TMC continues the design process by developing space plans that incorporate current and future growth requirements. Detailed rack and equipment layouts, cabling pathways and cabling infrastructure designs are then detailed and specified. TMC is onsite for the commissioning process, ensuring that start-ups go smoothly and as designed. Throughout the process, TMC provides project management expertise to ensure the entire project proceeds quickly and smoothly.

Our consultants are telecommunications specialists who have architectural and engineering backgrounds. This unique background gives TMC the expertise to work with your architectural, engineering and construction professionals to ensure your facility design meets all required elements to support your technology, including disaster recovery provisions, EMI assessment, and mechanical, electrical, and architectural impacts.

Technology Management Corporation provides thorough and comprehensive consulting services, rendering plans that provide options and technical alternatives to meet your timeframes, philosophies, short-term and long-term strategic objectives, as well as budgetary guidelines.

Consulting Services

      • Site Evaluation, Selection, and Planning
      • Network Analysis
      • Reliability Services
      • Single Point of Failure Analysis
      • Relocation Evaluations
      • Space Planning
      • EMI Assessment
      • Voice and Data Integration
      • Disaster Recovery Evaluation & Design
      • Mechanical/Electrical/Architectural Needs Analysis
      • Fire Protection Needs Analysis
      • Feasibility Studies

  • Vendor & Service Provider Negotiating

Design/Engineering Services

      • Data Center Space Allocation
      • Equipment Room Design
      • Rack/Equipment Layouts
      • Backbone Pathways/Riser Design
      • Cabling Infrastructure Design
          • Demarc Commissioning

Contact us at Technology Management to develop a smart, effective Data Center design plan to meet your Mission Critical requirements.