Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

If your worst technological nightmare came true…

What would you do? And will the rest of the world stop while you recover?

As the business world continues to become more virtual, disaster recovery and business continuity planning are becoming increasingly important for companies across the country.

This is the most important concept we can share with you. You know it will happen – to some extent and in some manner. If you could imagine what is the worst thing that could go wrong, do so. What would you do if the computers or telecommunications systems went down for an extended period of time? Panic, have a heart attack – quit? What would be the impact – on the customers, the company and the productivity? We know it’s something no one wants to imagine, however, it doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. The professionals at Technology Management can ease your fears by working with you to prepare an organized Disaster Recovery Plan.

You wouldn’t be expected to know all of what to plan for and what options are even available. There could already be a plan in place and no one knows what or where it is, how to implement it or who to talk to.

That’s why you need expert consultants like TMC to ensure you are ready if a disaster strikes. We’ve been through more true disasters than you can imagine – floods, fires, power outages, acts of war, downed satellites, cable cuts, earthquakes, bomb threats, fraud, tornadoes, hurricanes and computer voluntary shut downs.

Based upon our experience and industry knowledge we are able to develop realistic, functional disaster recovery plans which will allow you to continue operations. As smart business people, you plan every other aspect of your business.
Our process begins with management reviews, to identify departments and personnel likely to be affected and we assemble an internal Disaster Recovery Team.

TMC then inspects your systems and identifies potential vulnerabilities and support vendors who can fix these should they occur. We assess any weaknesses and prepare solutions for external variables such as commercial power tolerances, supply units and critical systems software. The support vendors are evaluated as to their capabilities and complete contact sheets are cataloged. Partnering relationships with vendors are established. Even the simplest solutions of having off-site backups of your configurations can save painstaking time to get things back up and running. We walk you through the entire planning stage and if something really happens we’re here to help make sure your plan is carried out. We’re there for you – when in doubt you can call us, even after hours.

How much redundancy is the right amount? Where and how do you figure the Return on Investment? Are you willing to take critical risks or do you prepare by having the right amount of redundancy?

Would you have a clue what to do if disaster struck and your systems were down…no phones, no networks, no communication? Would you be out of business in a matter of hours – days, weeks – how would you get back on your feet? Or are you ready to make the appropriate phone calls to invoke plans and be operational?

Our knowledge and preparedness helps protect your company from the chaos and repercussions of an unplanned disaster. A solid plan minimizes the negative effect of a disaster and gets your business up and running as fast as possible.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.