Audio/Visual/IPTV and Collaboration

Get your team from around the country face to face without spending one dime on travel. And be home in time for dinner.

The traditional way of going to meetings is changing.

We are living in a virtual world where technology can allow us to be two places at once. Whether you are conducting a conference, sales meeting, training people, or facilitating a medical transplant… the opportunity to be accessibly without traveling around the world is a welcome miracle. It is an option. Now the question is to determine the feasibility of how and if it can work for your company. The first step in evaluating the feasibility is having an expert assess your needs and circumstances.

Here are a few considerations we take into account when evaluating audio/visual and multi-media:

      · Current travel expenditures and facilitation
      · Meeting opportunities which could be video conferenced
      · Increased productivity
      · Recapture of wasted travel down time
      · Faster turnaround on collaboration and feedback
      · Training possibilities for staff or clients
      · Related expenses to install and use audio/visual and multi-media
      · Quality expectations and levels needs
      · Opportunities available for conferencing via PC and internet
      · Access to specialized information
      · Cabling infrastructure
      · Scalability of equipment
      · Cost analysis and Return on Investment
              · Network options

With this information we can design, negotiate, recommend and oversee system installation. We know the technology, the vendors and how to put an effective system together of you.

Contact us at Technology Management and discover the possibilities of being two places at once without leaving your office.