Founder’s Letter

THE WORLD was a different place in the late 1970’s when I first started working in telecommunications. For one thing, AT&T still had a lock on the industry and with no competition, there were no choices. Even after deregulation, I suspected that the real cost of the products and services we bought was far less than the price we were paying. I still do. But back then, I hadn’t yet acquired the technological and systems management knowledge I needed to make my case.

Then there was the industry itself.

Years of a company working with one rep from one provider established a bond that was hard for outsiders to penetrate, so even with the flood gates suddenly open, and literally thousands of telecommunications and network service companies starting up, old habits died hard.

By the time I founded Technology Management Corporation in 1987, things were not much different. Companies still invested hundreds of thousands of dollars having done little or no strategic or budget planning. Given the overwhelming array of choices, this was understandable, but what I found particularly discouraging was that the customers, and often even the vendors they were buying from, didn’t know quite what they were buying or if it was the best solution at the best cost for their needs.

That’s what we sell at Technology Management Corporation. More than our hands-on service, more than our extensive resources, more than our combined years of experience – knowledge, and the ability to refresh it, expand it, deepen it, twist it and shape it in perpetually new ways to meet our client’s needs today and in the ever changing future – that’s why, I’m proud to say, we’ve remained one of the best firms of our kind in the nation.

Finally, our goal is not only to save you money, but to find the right fit for you and your company so that you can operate as efficiently as possible. When that is achieved, the savings flow inevitably.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read about our services and how we work. If you have any questions on any aspect of our company, please feel free to call me personally.


Cheryl O’Brien, Founder